Original Ways to Make Money with No Money-A Short Education

An opportunity should never be bought into. By definition, an opportunity is something that people will never sell you. From franchises to swamp land in Florida, to patents and inventions, it makes no difference. Theres nothing wrong with any of the things mentioned, however if somebody is trying to sell you these things, then they are not opportunities by definition.

An opportunity is an advantage that you can see that others cannot. I dont care about the dictionary definition, this is the real world definition. Opportunities are free. They dont cost money to observe. Of course I dont mean they wont cost you money, you may need some money to act on it. But if you are paying money so somebody can sell it to you (a sales commission) You should run for the hills.

So, getting back to my definition of an opportunity.

“Its an advantage that you can see that others cannot”

So what that means is that you have vision while others do not. We are awash with money around us. Money or “value” is everywhere. As “Hayden Muller” says, “it permeates our lives like oxygen” The difficulty is not finding opportunity. It is literally everywhere all the time. We are suffering from snow blindness if we still work for a living when such abundance is around us in our every day lives.

The difficulty is not money either. Having access to a few hundred dollars is all you need to take advantage of a million daily opportunities that present themselves in our daily lives. Anyone with some determination can find that much.

No, the real difficulty is knowledge, or education. Its what separates action from indifference. The question becomes, “so what?” “so what if I took this opportunity and made a few dollars, what next?” You see, without education, opportunities are meaningless. They lead now-where because we lack vision. Don’t worry, I lacked plenty of vision myself.

Today you could drop me out of the sky into any free city on the Planet with nothing but the shirt on my back and I would be living well within 3 months and be financially secure within
2-4 years. I know I can do that because my vision tells me I easily could.

Put me in the middle of New York, I would immediately find markets to deal in. Even before I found a place to sleep, I would begin learning about what free markets are available and what they most want and need. I would quickly establish contacts with suppliers and retailers to become the “middle man” my favourite place to be.

Within a week, I would have a few hundred dollars saved. I would use those funds and pyramid my purchases for faster and faster turn over until I had enough to buy small assets that are in high demand. Cars, boats, anything that was being sold that I could find really cheaply. My charm and good looks would make sure I got the best deals and sold them for the highest price (winks)

Charm and good looks aside, the one thing you need is a clarion plan. A master plan that gets you from A to B

Making money with no money is easy and rudimentry. Its the opportunities you spot that makes the real difference. But really its the propensity to take action that delivers the results. Before you can take that action, you need to know where you are going.

Your situation is a lot better then the scenario I presented above. You live in a place where you know. You have intimate knowledge of the markets available already present. You have skills and have contacts already that can be of use.

Get a quick short education and go to it. Your first million is not as difficult as you may imagine.

May success find you fast and knowledge find you sooner

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What Goes Into Deciding a Name That Will Help You to Make Money With The Internet

If you have a gnawing sense that choosing a name for your new business is vitally important, you’re right. By tapping into your creativity and avoiding potential pitfalls, you’ll be able to create a name that works for both the short and long term.

Choosing the right name of your business is a daunting task for many new entrepreneurs because there is so much at stake. Like the original cornerstone of a building, it should support upward expansion as your company reaches new heights.

You should ask yourself, does the name stand out to prospects and customers, or get lost in a crowd? Does the new name communicate the right message or does it inadvertently keep prospects from calling?

When deciding a name that will help you to make money with the Internet, it’s a great idea to begin with a brainstorming session. To simplify the process ask yourself the following questions and put your answers down on paper.

Who exactly are my target customers? What problems do I help solve for them? What words or phrases appeal to them? What are the three to five most attractive benefits my business brings to customers? Does the name elicit pride and enthusiasm within me?

Are there word pictures or metaphors that communicate what I do that would be relevant to my customers? What names do my competitors go by? And what kind of name would differentiate me in the marketplace?

The answers to these questions will serve as raw data from which you can begin to formulate a beginning list. Once you have generated your list, then you should narrow it down to the names that possess the most potential.

You are half way there! Next, you need to evaluate the list of names you have chosen by asking the following: Is the name “too cute”? Does the name distinguish me in the market place? Does the name give me room to expand?

Since this is an important decision, it is a good idea to involve only the key decision makers that you trust and the people you feel have the company’s best interest at heart in naming your Internet business.

After you’ve shortened your list to one or two names, you need to find out whether the name is available or has already been taken by any other company. One of the first places to start is the US Patent and Trademark Office.

To check out available Web site domain names, log on to www.networksolutions.com or www.icann.org.