Learn How To Make Money With Cartoons

Would you like to be a cartoonist?

Are you one of those people whose cubicle is lined with cartoons? Do you love to make people laugh? Do you dream of someday escaping your cubical and making a living as a cartoonist? This article won’t teach you how to do that (sorry about that) but it will show you how you can get started and make a name for yourself while making enough money to pay a bill or two.

Cartooning On the Internet

There are virtually a million ways to get your cartoons published on the Internet but not all of them will make you money so be careful how you approach publishing in this medium. One thing you should do, whether it makes you money or not, is start a blog. Most successful cartoonists have found them an important part of their business so what does that tell you? The nice thing about blogs is that it is possible to make money with them by setting up advertisements on the blog. There are many people out there who make a pretty good living just through commercialized blogging alone but the catch is that you need to build up pretty good traffic before you can expect to make any money this way. If you set up your Internet cartoon presence properly, though, you may never need to bother with any of the following publishing possibilities. If you do find it’s taking a while to get the money flowing, then you may find the greeting card industry a nice place for a you, as a newbie, to get started.

Cartoon Greeting Cards

Greeting card companies have been a traditional money maker for beginning writers and artists for many years. This is a great way to make a little extra cash and start building your publishing credentials. To set about getting published just do a search for Greeting Card Publishers or order a book with artist’s market information (or writer’s market information) and read each companies submission requirements to find out how you need to submit your work. If this is something you think you could really get into then you could even start your own greeting cards company and self publish (just be sure to do your research before you start down this path). If, however, the thought of creating yet another birthday cartoon bores you to tears you may find some excellent cartooning possibilities right in your back yard with the advertising industry.

Cartoon Advertisements

If you are like most people these days, you are constantly being bombarded with advertisements. Business owners simply must advertise to get business (unless they are extremely lucky) and that creates a great opportunity for you. Keep your eyes open as you go about your day to day business. For example, say you drop off your dry cleaning at a dry cleaning store and you see that they have a uninteresting or badly drawn logo… offer to draw them a better one (for a fee of course or maybe even make a trade). Then the next day perhaps when you take your child to the dentist they hand you a brochure to teach your kids how to take care of their teeth and the brochure is so poorly done it could bore a patent examiner. You can then offer to help them create one with cartoons that will interest kids. The possibilities are virtually endless in this field and if you get good enough the income can go through the roof. If you really are not into commercial stuff, though, another great niche to consider is the book and magazine illustrations market.

Cartoon Book and Magazine Illustrations

The best category in book and magazine illustrations is, naturally enough, the children’s market but there are a few other categories (like politics) that usually make use of cartoons. When approaching this market be sure to make good use of your creativity since working for the large publishers can be very competitive. To get your foot in the door, look for smaller publishers and the internet e-zine publishers can also be a great place to get started. Yet another place you might want to consider looking are the self-publishing companies, it’s truly amazing how many people are getting into self publishing and never before in history have there been so many words being published yet most of the people publishing all those words can’t draw to save their life. These markets are just beginning to grow and I have even seen one or two low quality cartoon stock providers (sort of like stock photography) looking to cater to these types of markets. Now is the time to jump in before they start to get too saturated (like the stock photography markets is). If you decided to start a stock cartoon business you may not even need to know how to create cartoons yourself, all you need is the ability to judge what kind of cartoons your customers would like and then find cartoonists who can supply them.

Cartoon Dreams

Where there is a will, there is a way, but with all the opportunities that are available in the world today ‘the way’ shouldn’t be too difficult. A good sense of humor and the desire to draw cartoons is really all the requirements you need to get started. You don’t even need to know how to draw that well since great drawing skills have never been a really important requirement for the cartoonist (just look at some of the most famous cartoonists out there). There are also a lot of great tools available to help you learn how to draw. If you do happen to be one of those who is artistically challenged then check out my cartooning book and software [http://www.computer-graphics-haven.com/GraphicsHelpTopics/GraphicsResources/Beginning_Cartooning/BeginnerCartoonist.html] reviews to find some of the best resources to help you get started.

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Making Money With Credit Cards Online and Off With a New Unbelievable Affiliate Program

Trying to make money with credit cards online and off-line has many affiliates diligently searching for something that fits them perfectly. Problem is there are so many niches to choose from with some more viable than others, confusion can arise.

If you’ve ever considered affiliate marketing then you are undoubtedly familiar with the term “sales funnel” where you put your possible customers in and see what comes out the other end. Suppose you did that with the businesses themselves and dumped them all into your funnel and see what pops out.

You start rounding them up beginning with say health and fitness which is a $1 trillion industry and includes all the super juices, health aides, vitamins, exercise equipment and the like.

Now throw in franchises which usually pay a referral fee for virtually any product from Als auto services, satellite TV, to ZZ Top CDs and everything in between. Amazon and Click Bank are a couple of prime examples. All the franchises put together do about $2.5 trillion.

Then, drop mobile communications into your funnel (there is some overlap here since many affiliate franchises include cell phone referrals) which adds another $2.6 trillion to the possibilities. Now as this mixture of affiliate goo begins to drip out the small end of your funnel very slowly you’ll begin to notice they have something in common. Most people buy all these things using credit or debt cards and e-checks systems.

The electronic payment industry weighs in at $5.4 trillion. It’s the goo that holds virtually all the other systems together. If you could tap this industry then all the juices, cell phones, department stores and even mom-and-pop gas and convenience stores would have to give you a little piece of their action to stay in the game.

Next question is how are you going to tap this gigantic market both online and off-line? Every single place you walk into with a merchant processing system which is just about everyone will be a prospect. Now here you are in ragged blue jeans and a T-shirt that is unless you’re a girl (face the facts dudes– girls out dress you) and you want to make a sale to this merchant.

You don’t want to go into some kind of business sales pitch so the very easiest thing to do is hand the owner your business card when you check out. It will get his attention when he sees something like “20% cash back from your merchant processing account” and of course he will check it out using your web address. Nobody has ever offered a discount on his merchant account!

If the merchant questions you about how it works just say something like “it’s the newest electronic processing system that’s sweeping the country and it’s viral. You give it away, make money, and it’s totally free… you can read all about it on my corporate website” and then make your exit out the door. If this doesn’t spur interest you might go back to affiliate marketing 101 class and start studying Amazon or something.

The store owner looks at your website, becomes your customer (it’s a free no brainier) and you even get 20% cash back from his merchant account. He can give away the program and make money just like you do. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! The money is divided up by everyone, merchant and affiliate, all the way down to infinity and it’s totally free.

There’s got to be some kind of major hidden stuff here right? There’s no way the merchant can get 20% cash back, keep his same processing equipment, his same processing fee rate and even give the program away for free and make money is there? Well maybe that’s why it’s a patented program.

In case you haven’t figured it out, even a free program will require you to have a domain name for forwarding visitors to your free corporate website plus some business cards with your domain name. But it is still better than walking into a business with a case of an already overpriced super juice and trying to sell it to a business for resale.

Making money with credit cards both on and off-line using a patented affiliate program might seem unbelievable but then technology happens. Everything is free, no money changes hands and the system itself generates income for everyone. No doubt it is the most unusual affiliate system yet devised!

Understanding Max International: Can You Really Make Money With Max International?

Launched in 2007, Max International offers health enhancing products with a patented formulation called MaxGXL. In addition to their products, they offer a business opportunity for those that would like to make a career marketing their products. Anybody can learn how to succeed with marketing, but can you really make money marketing Max International products? Can you become rich, and if so, how rich?

The Thing: Currently Max International offers a total of 9 products all relating to health enhancement. Their products mainly relate to support of all cells in your body by nourishing Glutathione, which protects the nucleus of the cell and is the primary protector of the Immune Cell.

1. MaxOne – This is the most advance Glutathione support supplement they offer. Each bottle providing 60 capsules with instructions to take just two capsules a day. MaxOne gives your body the nutrients it needs to fight oxidative stress and strengthen your cells’ immunity.

2. Max N-Fuze – This product is an Antioxidant Defense. It begins by giving your body advanced cellular defense, strengthens the body’s antioxidant defense, supports glutathione functioning, and gives your body other vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B.

3. MaxATP – Designed to be the ultimate energizing glutathione supporter of all their products, served as a drink. MaxATP, replenishes energy reserves and helps fight fatigue, builds ATP in your heart and muscles, and increases vitality.

The Opportunity: Max International seems to have a good line of products to offer, but is their income business opportunity worth your time? Can you really make money through Max International affiliate marketing. They currently offer 9 ways you could get paid marketing their products including Retail Profits, Preferred Customer Bonus, FastTrack Bonus, Double FastTrack Bonus, Team Bonus, Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonus, Platinum and Diamond Leadership Pool, Global Bonus Pool, and Max Living Bonus. For most companies, multiple ways of getting paid is a great sign of a very lucrative business opportunity. We’ll discuss a few to see if the cash is there.

1. Retail Profits – This way of getting paid is pretty basic and usually comes with all affiliate companies such as Max International, in which gives members the ability to market their products and keep the remainder as personal profit. You are able to buy product as a lower cost, sell them for a higher cost, and keep the remainder. For example: If you buy Max N-Fuze for $15 a bottle, re-sell it for $35 a bottle, you keep $20 personal profit.

2. FastTrack Bonus – In order to get started in this company(we’ll discuss more later) you have to purchase some type of Product Pack. However, you can also earn money by referring a member into the business in your team. By doing this, that member has to purchase a Product Pack as well, allowing you to qualify for weekly FastTrack Commissions.

3. Max Living Bonus – To my understanding, in order to qualify for this Bonus you must achieve all other previous 1-8 payouts. When this happen, on-top of everything else you may be getting paid, the Max Living Bonus qualifies you to earn up to $1,500 each month of residual income.

The Cost: The first thing you have to do in order to take advantage of the income opportunity Max International has to offer is to pay $49 as an initial member fee. After you pay the starter fee, you must, obviously, buy inventory to market and re-sell.

To conclude, yes you can make money with Max International!

Final Thoughts: Max International has a good line of products relating to health enhancement. However, these products are generally overpriced, which make it difficult for members to buy them(even after the membership product price drops) and just as difficult for the general public to buy them. Plus, there isn’t any real evidence their products are the best. There’s plenty of other companies that offer the same types of products with the same types of results and/or complaints. All companies have complaints, but this one seems to have a little more for comfort. Max International is certainly not a scam, but it’s possible that their products certainly aren’t the best.

Network Marketing companies centered around health have a huge competitive playing field and they don’t seem to be doing the best job keeping up. As an easy example, there are a lot of companies that have started in the same year as Max International(2007) with much more than 9 products. In this industry, speed is the game and quality is the name. Lastly, their compensation plan is weak. The Max Living Bonus is the companies best payout up to $1,500 a month of residual income.

If you’re looking for a way to make a substantial amount of residual income from a business opportunity, there is a better way. Click on the link to get started with an opportunity that delivers real results, with payouts Starting at $1,500 a week!

*Dustin Hale is Not affiliated with Max International or their business opportunity.